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How To Hang Canvas Prints Directly On A Wall

An unframed canvas is actually incredibly easy to hang directly on a wall in comparison to having to deal with a picture in a frame. This is because the wooden frame or block that is used to stretch the canvas is ideal for holding brackets to allow the canvas to hang flush with the wall.

How To Hang A Canvas Print In 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1 – Apply Bracket

Measure to the halfway point of the wooden block at the back of the canvas and mark it with a pencil. You can simply screw the bracket directly into the wood – no need for power tools. Make sure that you are measuring and placing the bracket on the top of the canvas. For extremely large canvases, attach as many brackets as you like ensuring that they are evenly spaced.

Step 2 – Place The Nail In Wall

Place the canvas where you want it to hang an make a mark with a pencil where the top center of the canvas meets the wall. Measure the width of the wood frame. Make a mark on the wall (below the first mark) the same distance from the first pencil mark as the width of the wood. Erase the first pencil mark and hammer a nail into the second mark. Hang a hook on the nail. For large canvases, measure the distance between each bracket and then make sure that your nails are spaced the same distance apart.

Alternatively you can check this handy article on how to hang canvas prints on a wall without a nail.

Step 3 – Hang The Canvas

Simply place the bracket/s that you attached to the canvas block on the hook on the wall and adjust the canvas to make sure it is straight.

The other option is to hammer a nail into each side of the canvas block near the top and string a wire or string from one nail to the other. The string can then be placed on the hook in the wall.


Job Opportunities in a Recession – Plumber Training

Plumbing is all about knowing what to do, assessing new situations, and making sure the right knowledge is applied every step of the way. Unfortunately, this is not always as easy as it looks, which is why more and more people end up going down the wrong path.

For those who are thinking about becoming a qualified plumber, it is time to get your licensing.

This is where training is going to come into action and you will have to be prepped the right way to see good results. Here are the details to think about when it comes to your training.

Licensed Instructors

The first benefit is going to come in the form of choosing licensed instructors. There is nothing worse than being in a situation where you are not going with licensed professionals. This is a must for those who want to make sure they are learning from those who have seen it all and will know how to implement the information that is in front of them.

This is pertinent for those who don’t want to make mistakes and want to get things down to a tee.

Get started with licensed professionals and know you are trending in the right direction.


The information that you are going to be getting throughout the training will be up-to-date. This is a must for those who want to learn the nuances associated with plumbing but also want to make sure the information they are getting is going to be relevant.

This is pertinent as any situation that is going to arise as a plumber will be based on modern standards. Not having the knowledge to handle those situations can take away from one’s prowess.


It is important to make sure the plumber training is happening in a way that is going to adhere to local regulations. A NYC plumber may have very different regulations than someone from another city or state.There are several details that are relevant at the state and city level and these details need to be focused on during training. With the help of a good training program, it’s possible to get started as a budding plumber and make sure things are done the right way.

A lot of eager plumbers will want to learn how to do things the right way and it is best to start with a local option.

These are the benefits that come with high-quality plumber training in NYC and elsewhere. Look to go with professionals that have been doing this for a while and will know how to assist every step of the way. Training is all about knowledge and getting a good understanding of what to do in different situations without making mistakes.

This is why more and more professionals are looking towards qualified training as soon as possible. This is one of the best ways to make sure the right training is coming your way and you are able to become a qualified plumber in no time.

Parenting in the Age of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones can be considered by parents as a double-edged sword. It can be a good tool especially if you are going to communicate with your family. In addition to this, it is easier to check useful information online. However, the internet can also be a dangerous thing especially given today’s crimes. If you are a parent, you want to make sure that you are going to monitor a child’s mobile phone use. There are a lot of apps out there that can be useful when it comes to tracking their activity.

But apart from apps and other technologies, you also need to be communicating with your child. Nowadays, a lot of parents are surprised that their children are using their mobile phones compromising their identity or even their privacy. It is important to tell the child how to use mobile devices and let them know the pros and cons as early as possible. If you have a child below twelve years old, it is even best if you can just give them a mobile device that is only capable of texting and calling. This can limit their activity. In addition to this, you also want to get the phone if they are at home.

Parenting 101: How to Deal With a Teenager?

A lot of children and parents develop some type of rift once their children reach puberty. This can be tricky for a lot of parents. Sometimes, children who were close to their parents become aloof all of a sudden.

The first thing that you have to understand about teenagers is that they can be rebellious. It is also important that you understand their concerns. Teenagers are looking for independence even though they are still living in your home. Don’t take it personally if the child challenges your authority. It is important that you give him or her a sense of responsibility.

Next, you also have to understand that teenagers tend to experiment on different things. You want to make sure that you are going to have a more open line of communication with them. Be sure that you are listening and not just judging as a parent. This can be challenging at times, but it is also possible that you become a parent and a friend to your child. And of course, you should also mold your children to becoming adults. It means that you should equip them with the proper skills that they can use once they go in their own way.

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