How To Hang Canvas Prints Directly On A Wall

An unframed canvas is actually incredibly easy to hang directly on a wall in comparison to having to deal with a picture in a frame. This is because the wooden frame or block that is used to stretch the canvas is ideal for holding brackets to allow the canvas to hang flush with the wall.

How To Hang A Canvas Print In 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1 – Apply Bracket

Measure to the halfway point of the wooden block at the back of the canvas and mark it with a pencil. You can simply screw the bracket directly into the wood – no need for power tools. Make sure that you are measuring and placing the bracket on the top of the canvas. For extremely large canvases, attach as many brackets as you like ensuring that they are evenly spaced.

Step 2 – Place The Nail In Wall

Place the canvas where you want it to hang an make a mark with a pencil where the top center of the canvas meets the wall. Measure the width of the wood frame. Make a mark on the wall (below the first mark) the same distance from the first pencil mark as the width of the wood. Erase the first pencil mark and hammer a nail into the second mark. Hang a hook on the nail. For large canvases, measure the distance between each bracket and then make sure that your nails are spaced the same distance apart.

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Step 3 – Hang The Canvas

Simply place the bracket/s that you attached to the canvas block on the hook on the wall and adjust the canvas to make sure it is straight.

The other option is to hammer a nail into each side of the canvas block near the top and string a wire or string from one nail to the other. The string can then be placed on the hook in the wall.